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Administration of the Transition Fund

The agency processes personal data in connection with administration of the Transition Fund.

Purpose and legal basis

The educational institutions can give up to 10,000 kr. in reimbursement, annually, per student who enrols in a subject/module and complies with the conditions specified in the scheme.

The purpose of the agency’s processing is to administer the educational institutions’ use of the Transition Fund. This includes, among other things, a check of the student’s educational background, before the course has begun and a follow-up on the total use of the Transition Fund per student, per start of the academic year.

The legal basis is Article 6 (1) (e) of the Data Protection Regulation, concerning the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller. According to Section and Section of the Finance Act, the Ministry has the task of administering the Transition Fund established, cf. the Tripartite Agreement between the Government and the social partners.

Categories of registered individuals

The agency processes personal data on applicants (students and course participants) for the Transition Fund.

Categories of personal data

The agency processes general personal data about applicants, including name, educational information and information about grants received from the fund.

Transfers of personal data

No personal data is passed on.

Where does the personal data originate?

The personal data originates from the applicant him-/herself. The educational institution passes on information about education, module, team and participant payment, incl. and excl. the reimbursement granted to the agency.

Storage of personal data

Documents with personal data are filed in accordance with the rules set forth in the Access to Public Administration Files Act and is handed to the authorities in charge of storage in accordance with the Archives Act (approximately every 5 years). The agency will hand the data to the authorities in charge of archiving, but the agency will keep a copy of the data for approximately 5 years, depending on the required period for filing. Hereafter, the data is deleted by the agency.

last modified Oct 26, 2020