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User survey of assessments of foreign qualifications

User surveys are conducted as a basis for improving the assessment service.

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science conducts a continuous survey among qualification holders who have received an assessment. The purpose is to get the best possible picture of the qualification holders' experience of the assessment and the process from application to receipt of the assessment. Users are invited to the survey shortly after the assessment so that they have the assessment and the process in fresh memory.

In 2023, 45% answered the questionnaire, and their responses indicate a high degree of satisfaction with the assessment reports:

  • 92% were altogether very satisfied (55%) or fairly satisfied (37%) with the assessment of their qualifications
  • Concerning the application process, 93% had experienced no difficulty in applying for assessment.
  • Information and service were evaluated positively by the vast majority, with around 97% very or quite satisfied among those who had used the website, looked for information before the application, or contacted the board about their case. 91% were very or quite satisfied with the processing time.

The user survey serves as a basis for adjustments of letters, procedures, website, information materials and other aspects of the Agency's service.


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last modified February 14, 2024