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Competence assessment

Competences you have gained from work experience, non-formal and informal learning can be assessed and recognised. This may also be helpful if you are unable to provide documentation of your qualifications.

If you have competences that are not documented you may be able to have them assessed and recognised, in particular within the Danish adult education system.

A number of education programmes offer the possibility of an individual competence assessment. You can have your prior learning experiences validated in relation to adult education and continuing training.

Depending on your competence, you may be able to get access to an education programme, exemption from parts of the programme itself or even a competence certificate or diploma to recognise either a completed programme or completed modules of the programme.

The individual competence assessment is offered in the context of:

  • Diploma programmes (continuing professional education at bachelor level)

  • Short-cycle higher education programmes for adults (VVU)

  • Vocational Education and Training for Adults programmes (EUV)

  • General adult education (AVU) and general upper secondary education subjects.

You can seek assistance and guidance on competence assessment by contacting the nearest job centre.

If you have any formal qualifications completed outside Denmark you can ask the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science to have them assessed, which may also be helpful for a competence assessment:

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last modified Nov 04, 2020