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Regulated professions governed by special rules

Some regulated professions are governed by special rules, e.g. a Danish nationality requirement or international sectoral agreements.

While most of the regulated professions can be found on our list of regulated professions, some are not part of the same framework for professional recognition. If you are uncertain of the procedures to be followed, you can contact the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.

Professions with restricted access

For some professions, the possibilities for gaining access on the basis of foreign qualifications are limited. If the profession involves carrying out a governmental function, Danish nationality may also be a requirement. These professions are not covered by any European, Nordic or bilateral agreements on professional recognition. This is the case of, among others:

Professions governed by international sectoral agreements

In other regulated professions, access is possible on the basis of foreign qualifications, but under special sectoral rules, such as international conventions, EU rules or Danish legislation.

This is the case of the following fields, among others – please contact the authority mentioned if you have any questions:

Road transport

Maritime transport


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last modified June 23, 2024