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Providing services on a temporary basis

Within the EU/EEA you can move to another member state as a service provider on a temporary and occasional basis. This does not require authorisation, but you may be required to submit a declaration to the competent authority.

If you are a citizen of and established as a service provider in another EU/EEA member state, you are allowed to pursue the same profession in Denmark on a temporary and occasional basis. You may, however, be required to send a written declaration to the competent Danish authority before moving. The obligation to declare yourself as a service provider only applies if it is set out in the regulations governing your profession in question.

If you are a citizen of a state outside the EU/EEA, you only have such access to enter Denmark as a service provider if it is provided by the regulations governing the profession. If in doubt, please ask the competent Danish authority.

Look here for further information about a specific profession, including the address of the competent authority:

How to make your declaration

Before first moving to Denmark in order to provide services, you are to inform the competent Danish authority in a written declaration, enclosing the documents required by the competent authority.

You can find relevant information about each profession through the list of regulated professions or ask the competent authority.

In certain professions which have implications for public health and safety, the competent authorities have the right to check your professional qualifications before you start providing services in Denmark.

Renewing your declaration

You must renew your declaration once a year if you intend to provide temporary or occasional services in Denmark during the following year.

You may supply your renewed declaration in writing or by other means.

Information to be given to the recipients of the service

Normally, you must provide your service under the professional title of the country where you are established. This is the case unless your professional qualifications have been verified in Denmark.

The competent authority may, in most cases, demand that you furnish the recipient of the service with any or all of the following information:

  • your registration in a commercial register or similar public register, if any

  • the name and address of the competent supervisory authority in your country of establishment, if applicable

  • the professional association or similar body with which you are registered, if any

  • your professional title or, if you have no no such title, the title of your formal qualification

  • your VAT identification number, if any

  • details of any insurance cover or other means of protection with regard to professional liability

Further information

Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of professional qualifications. See, in particular, Article 7 on the declaration to be made by the service provider:

EU information on the recognition of professional qualifications:

Links to Danish legislation:

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last modified October 25, 2021