Denmark participates in the international co-operation of the Europass Framework

What is Europass?

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Europass is a way of helping people to:

  • make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe (European Union, EFTA/EEA and candidate countries);
  • move anywhere in Europe.

Whether you are planning to enroll in an education or training programme, looking for a job, or getting experience abroad, Europass helps you make your skills and competences clearly understood.

Europass consists of five documents:

  • two documents (Europass curriculum vitae (CV) and Europass Language Passport) you can fill in yourself; and
  • three other documents (Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Diploma Supplement and Europass Mobility) filled in and issued by competent organisations.

Furthermore, Europass includes an electronic portfolio, Europass Skills Passport, which allows you to gather your documents to give a comprehensive picture of your skills and qualifications. 

Europass is supported by a network of National Europass Centres. The Danish Agency for Higher Education is the National Europass Centre in Denmark. The contact person is Benedikta Harris,  

Europass was established by the Decision No 2241/2004/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 15 December 2004 on a single transparency framework for qualifications and competences.

last modified Mar 03, 2014