Legalisation (authentication) of Danish degrees, diplomas and certificates

Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you need legalisation (authentication) of your Danish degree, diploma or certificate.

Some countries demand legalisation of foreign diplomas. A legalisation is a confirmation that a signature is genuine and a certification that the signatory is entitled to sign that document. A legalisation does not verify the document's contents.

Prior to working or studying abroad you should find out whether you need to get your Danish diplomas legalised. Information on legalisation requirements etc. can be obtained from the foreign embassies and consulates in Denmark.

If legalisation is required, you can get it from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Since 1 January 2007 it has become easier to have your Danish documents legalised. On this date, Denmark joined the Apostille Convention (the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961), and this makes it easier for citizens and businesses to have Danish official documents legalised for use abroad. Previously, legalisation by up to three different authorities was required. Now, you need only one legalisation, i.e. the apostille.

Please note that the Danish Agency for Higher Education is not involved in the legalisation of degrees, diplomas and certificates.

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last modified Jan 13, 2015