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Including qualifications in the Qualifications Framework

You can read here how specific certificates and degrees are included in the framework, how this is quality assured, and how a specific level is added on the different certificates and other documents.

Each certificate and degree is placed at one of the eight levels in the Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning. When this is carried out, the individual certificate or degree is compared with a descriptor for a level. The level descriptors are defined by knowledge, skills and competence which together describe the learning outcome of a given level.

Certificates and certificates for supplementary qualifications

The certificates for the Leaving Examination of the Primary and Lower Secondary School, upper secondary qualification certificates, vocational education and training certificates, certificates for certain maritime qualifications, certificates for preparatory adult education, certificates for general adult education and certificates for Adult Vocational Training and single subject courses are placed at levels 1-5 in the Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning.


Within higher education, the following degrees are awarded: Academy Profession degree, Bachelor's degree, Professional Bachelor's degree, Master’s degree, PhD degree and degrees within adult/continuing higher education: Academy Profession degree, Diploma degree and Master degree. The degrees are placed at levels 5 to 8 in the Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning via the Qualifications Framework for the Higher Education. The descriptors for levels 6 to 8 correspond to the level descriptors in the framework for higher education.

Assignment of levels

The inclusion of certificates and degrees into the Qualifications Framework follows certain principles and procedures:

Procedures have also been set up for:

last modified Dec 14, 2020