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Stakeholders in the process to find a long-term solution for radioactive waste in Denmark

The stakeholders in the process are presented here.

The main collaborators of Ministry of Higher Education and Science include:

Inter-ministerial working group

An inter-ministerial working group is handling the preparation of policy recommendations to be discussed by Danish Parliament. The proceedings of the working group form part of the Government's internal policy-making process and hence are treated as confidential. The members of the working group are:

Danish Decommissioning and Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland are also participating in the inter-ministerial working group.

Contact forum

Furthermore, a contact forum has been established to facilitate communication between core stakeholders in the continuing process to identify and locate a concept for a long-term solution for radioactive waste. Members of the contact forum include:

  • Representatives from concerned citizens' groups in the local areas of: Thyholm (Jutland), Skive (Jutland), Kerteminde (Funen), Roskilde (Zealand), Rødby (Island of Lolland) and Island of Bornholm.
  • Representatives from NGOs: Danish Nature Conservation Society, Greenpeace Denmark and NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark

  • Local Government Denmark
  • Danish Regions
  • Representatives from the regulating agencies: Danish Health Authorities (Radiation Protection) and Danish Emergency Management Agency
  • Danish Decommissioning
  • Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
  • Danish Agency for Higher Education

Panel of independent experts

A panel of scholars from Danish universities has been formed to facilitate replies to technical questions from the general public. The members of the panel have been selected by The Danish Council for Independent Research which provides independent scientific counselling to the Danish Government.

The fields covered by the panel are:

Nuclear Physics/Nuclear Energy - panel member:

Radioactive Waste Management - panel member:

Health Physics/Radiation Protection - panel member:

Environmental Impact Assessment - panel member:

Environmental Law - panel member:

Public Governance - panel member:

General Ethics - panel member:



last modified Aug 21, 2019