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Record number of digital applications

July 05, 2012
Students are taking the digital enrolment system to heart. This year, a total of 66,620 higher education applicants applied through the optagelse.dk website.

This year sees a record number of applicants using the digital self-service option via optagelse.dk to apply for a higher education programme.

By the application deadline of 5 July, a total of 66,620 applicants had chosen the digital option over paper applications.

This is a significant increase on 2011, when 37,000 people applied digitally and even more so than in 2006 when only 1,777 applied via optagelse.dk. In 2013, it will be mandatory for all applicants to use the digital application.

Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard is pleased that so many chose to apply for education via the digital enrolment portal.

– The enrolment system has moved with the times and luckily the figures show that young people have taken the new digital solution to heart. A digital enrolment system allows them to avoid the hassle of having to copy exam papers and send in their applications by post. Now they can apply for education programmes right up to the deadline, says Morten Østergaard. In 2011, almost 77,000 applicants applied for a higher education programme through the Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT). The collective figures for 2012 will be released in late July.

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