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STRESS TEST of Innovation Policy in Europe

May 15, 2012
The stress test of innovation policy of the EU member states took place at the Europe INNOVA 2012 Conference in Copenhagen 23-24 October 2012.

Europe INNOVA 2012 has stress tested innovation policy in three areas:

  • SME innovation support schemes
  • Commercial exploitation of knowledge, IP and new inventions
  • Networks and cluster policies

Europe INNOVA 2012:

  • Test the civil servants and find the bureaucrat in you
  • Discuss what an effective eco-innovation system should look like
  • Hear the worst case story about a cluster organisation in Europe
  • Find out what has happened to some of the two hundred thousand of projects that have obtained support in Europe during the past decade
  • Try to find the worst policy maker in Europa
  • Try to make the “perfect” SME-programme owner
  • Discuss the ten innovations we need in the 21st century in order to solve the grand challenges
  • Discuss the success criteria for modern innovation policy makers
  • Test your skills – Are you a modern innovation policy maker?

Europe INNOVA 2012 provided:

  • The latest knowledge and the hottest discussions going on in the innovation policy society
  • New knowledge on how you can improve your performance as policy maker and programme owner
  • New knowledge on the best innovation policies
  • The most embarrassing failures you should avoid
  • Access to likeminded people who can support you as policy maker and programme owner
  • New ideas and new energy to meet the challenges of the future
  • A non-European view on Europe’s future – will Europe survive the 21st century?

The conference was based on a completely new innovative concept:

  1. No opening speeches from VIPs – important people will be those who really know what will be the future innovation policy in Europe
  2. No time wasted on long presentation of speakers – the programme and webpage has all the information you need on speakers
  3. No keynote speakers – but we can offer you access to brand new knowledge on innovation policy
  4. No PowerPoint presentations – the speakers will be interviewed on stage by a professional moderator
  5. No reports will be presented – you will get access to reports before the conference. On stage we will focus on discussion and dilemmas
  6. No parallel sessions – you will get access to all the wisdom of the conference.
  7. No quotations – participants should contribute with their own thinking, own ideas and original thoughts
  8. No best practice without a critical angle – all cases presented will be submitted to a stress test
  9. No one is allowed to be bored – minimum one good laugh per hour
  10. Lots of breaks – you will get the best opportunities to make contacts, dating and networking

For more infomation on the conference:

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