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Video: Laboratories the size of a fingernail

October 08, 2013
Blood sample analysis is a bottleneck during admission to hospitals. New fingernail-sized laboratories make it possible to reduce waiting times for the benefit of patients and the health system in general.

When a patient is admitted to the hospital, blood samples are often taken in order to determine if the patient has infections or other diseases. Often, there is a waiting time for analysis, which can delay treatment.

In cooperation with biotech companies, researchers from the PolyNano Centre are looking into the possibility of designing mini-sized laboratories – a so-called lab-on-a-chip. One of the results could be laboratories the size of a fingernail, capable of quickly and effectively carrying out multiple analyses.

The Centre has received funding of €5 million from the Danish Council for Strategic Research. The Council has produced a video to inform about the research, which is expected to reduce waiting times for patients and give Danish biotech companies a competitive advantage.

Watch the video about the PolyNano Centre