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Logos designed for the iriss space mission

The Danish Astronaut Andreas Mogensen has today 10 October 2014 presented two new logos for his mission to the International Space Station.

Oct 10, 2014

In April 2014 a national competition to design two design logos for the isiss mission was launched. 120 logos were sent in and the winning logos have now been presented – one for the mission itself and one for the many education activities in connection with mission.Iss mission

The winner logo for themission is designed by Poul Rasmussen and is inspired by the Greek goddess Iris who is often pictured with wings.

At the same time, the wings in the logo symbolises a viking ship which represents the urge to explore and move towards unknown horizons. The astronaut’s Danish nationality is represented by the Danish flag in the globe and the red and white colours. The name of the mission, iriss, is written in two colours in order to underline that the destination for Andreas’ mission is the International Space Station, ISS. Above the name are planets in orbit and stars.

ISS educationThe logo which will symbolise the education activities is designed by 19-year-old Louise Nielsen who has also chosen the colours blue, red and white in her logo. The logo shows Andreas Mogensen on his way to space in a rocket.

About the iriss mission

Andreas Mogensen will participate in a space mission to the International Space Station in September 2015. His tasks will include testing new technology, which will affect future space missions and can help shed light on illnesses here on Earth.


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