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Sofie Carsten Nielsen appointed Minister for Higher Education and Science

February 07, 2014
3 February 2014 Sofie Carsten Nielsen took over the Ministry of Higher Education and Science after Morten Østergaard who moved to the Ministry of Taxation.

In the future, it is Sofie Carsten Nielsen who is in charge of the Government’s Science and Education Politics.

Sofie Carsten Nielsen has been a member of the Danish Parliament since September 2011 for the Social Liberal Party. For the last two years she has acted as chairwoman for the Parliamentary party group  and has earlier been spokeswoman for EU, gender equality and science, innovation and higher education.

Sofie Carsten Nielsen is not unfamiliar with the work in a ministry as she was employed as Deputy Head of Department in the Ministry of Gender Equality from 2004 to 2009.

In connection with the change of minister, the Ministry changes name from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

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