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Scholarships at American excellence universities

March 08, 2018
Now you have the opportunity to apply for a visiting scholarship in 2018 and 2019 at MIT and selected research environments at Stanford and Berkeley. In this newsletter you can also read about Birthe Dinesen's stay at CITRIS

PhD students and researchers at Danish higher educational institutions can apply for support at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the research-center CITRIS at Berkeley University and the SUNCAT Catalysis Research Center at Stanford University. The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education (DAFSHE) also offers a travel scholarship of 15,000 DKK.

It is possible to send applications to DAFSHE throughout 2018. All applications will be assessed by the respective US-university and suitable applicants will be offered a scholarship on the first come first served basis. DAFSHE reserves the right to close the call for applications when allocated visiting months have been occupied or the funding for a travel grant has been used.

The scholarships are part of an agreement between DAFSHE and the three American universities. The purpose of the agreement is to establish an exchange of knowledge between Danish and American universities and science environments and thus support the Danish institutions' ability to establish international networks and cooperation with the best research institutions in the world.

CASE: A scholarship was the beginning of a strong Danish-American network in telecoms. Professor Birthe Dinesen's stay at CITRIS has resulted in a strategic research collaboration on a long-term-basis, attracting millions of Danish kroner in funding to joint Danish-American research projects as well as joint PhD courses.

In 2010, Professor Birthe Dinesen from Aalborg University attained a conference organised by the Danish Innovation Centre in Silicon Valley. At the conference, Dinesen got in contact with people from CITRIS research center at UC Berkeley and Cleveland Clinic, a world leader in cardiovascular research.

As a follow up on the initial contacts, Birthe Dinesen went on a four-month research stay at CITRIS in 2014 through a partnership agreement between DAFSHE and the interdisciplinary research center. The obvious joint research interests resulted in Dinesen signing a five-year cooperation agreement focusing on cardiology with the American partners.

Since then, the network has expanded to include participants from Harvard University, DTU, SDU and AU and the network's agenda has been promoted through a joint Danish-American vision paper, among others.

Birthe Dinesen and her colleagues have attracted millions of Danish kroner for research funding and there have been many joint research projects and publications across the Atlantic. In 2017, the network's first joint PhD course was held at Aalborg University. More than 26 international PhD students participated and another joint course in California in 2018 is planned.

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