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Danish University Tops European List of Mobility Grants

The University of Copenhagen surpasses great international universities in terms of attracting skilled researchers who have been awarded an EU grant from Horizon 2020. This is reflected in the numbers for the Individual Fellowships from the European Commission where Denmark procures DKK 131 million.
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Mar 01, 2019

Every year Denmark receives some of the most skilled European researchers who help produce results in the Danish research landscape. Only the most outstanding projects that are affiliated with strong research environments can involve researchers with Individual Fellowship grants. Generally, skilled researchers with an Individual Fellowship grant may work at a foreign university for two years. 

Having received 50 grants, the University of Copenhagen takes the lead among the European grant recipients who have received an Individual Fellowship grant. The “runner-up” is the French National Centre for Scientific Research with 39 grants, while Cambridge University and Oxford University receive respectively 34 and 25 grants for international mobility of researchers.

The results from the latest application round for the Individual Fellowships under the mobility programme Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions from 2018 are available for the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education. The numbers are based on the evaluations of just under 10,000 applications. In regard to contract negotiations with the European Commission, the numbers are temporary, since the applications from the waiting list might be invited to negotiate or projects can be cancelled.

Facts about Mobility Grants

Overall, EU has evaluated 9,676 applications of which 1,351 have been approved. Danish host institutions submitted 472 applications in all, and 83 of them were approved to receive a mobility grant.

The 83 approved applications constitute an overall Danish gain of EUR 17. 6 million which corresponds to just above DKK 131 million. The Danish participants receive 6.5 % of the funds that amount to a shade under EUR 273 million. The 83 mobility grants have primarily been awarded to Danish universities. Especially the University of Copenhagen but also Aarhus University, the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark are among the “top scorers”. In addition to this, the European Commission has distributed five mobility grants to other institutions as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

After this distribution of grants, two Danish applications have achieved a top ranking within their specific field. One of the application received top marks, i.e. the maximum of 100 points

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See the call for Individual Fellowships with an application deadline of 11 September 2019 at the European Commission’s portal:

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