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Further restrictions within higher education in several parts of the country

From 9 December, more restrictions within higher education will be introduced in a further 20 municipalities, so that the restrictions will apply to a total of 38 municipalities in various parts of the country. Moreover, national restrictions that apply to educational institutions will be prolonged.

Dec 07, 2020

In response to rising infection rates, the government has decided to impose new restrictions in several parts of the country and to prolong present national restrictions.
In the case of higher education institutions, this means a prolongation of the following measures throughout the country up to and including 28 February 2021:

  • the requirement to use a face mask or visor in educational institutions;
  • the recommendation to cancel events the purpose of which is primarily social;
  • the recommendation to cancel events involving accommodation, e.g. outdoor camps, school camps and   study trips. This does not apply to events that take place within a framework familiar to the organisers,  and if the organisers can guarantee that the event will be held in full accordance with health authority recommendations about preventing the spread of infection.
  • encouraging employees to work from home as far as possible, to an extent that enables them to carry out their work.

Additional local restrictions in several parts of in the country

In addition to the restrictions that apply to the whole country, additional restrictions will be applied in 18 municipalities in the metropolitan area. These restrictions will be more explicit, so that it will no longer be a recommendation to "change to digital teaching whenever possible", but a requirement that institutions of higher education "change to digital teaching without physical attendance". At the same time, these restrictions will be introduced in a further 20 municipalities, so that they will apply in 38 municipalities, specifically:

  • Municipalities in the Capital Region (excluding Bornholm)
  • Solrød Municipality         
  • Greve Municipality         
  • Faxe Municipality         
  • Køge Municipality
  • Roskilde Municipality         
  • Lejre Municipality         
  • Vordingborg Municipality         
  • Slagelse Municipality         
  • Aarhus Municipality         
  • Odense Municipality         

To higher education institutions in these areas the restrictions will mean:

  • A change to digital education without physical attendance.
  • A few exceptions, however, in very special cases where attendance is necessary, including
  • for example, laboratory, clinical and workshop teaching.         
  • Exams are exempted if a change to digital exams is not practical.        
  • If there is physical attendance, increased attention must be paid to not coming to the institution if  you have symptoms, hand hygiene, general cleaning, keeping one's distance and face masks.          
  • Public employers are encouraged to send home all staff not carrying out critical functions.
  • Those sent home should, as far as possible, work from home.    
  • Libraries must remain closed to the public except for the returning and borrowing of materials for research and teaching purposes.         

These additional local restrictions will apply from 9 December 2020 to 3 January 2021.

last modified Dec 07, 2020