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New restrictions apply to higher education institutions

COVID-19 - and especially the new Omicron variant - is spreading with increasing rapidity throughout Denmark. In order to limit the spread of infection, new restrictions will apply to higher education institutions from Sunday 19 December 2021.

Dec 22, 2021

On the basis of a recommendation from the Epidemics Commission, the government has received support from the Parliamentary Epidemics Committee to introduce further measures to deal with the increasing rate of COVID-19 infection in society. Within the resort of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, this means that wearing a mask or visor will be mandatory at educational institutions.

Students, employees and visitors, etc. at higher education institutions will be required to wear a mask or visor when indoors. This will apply when moving through communal areas, for example in canteens, but not when attending teaching or doing exams. Masks or visors may also be removed partially or entirely for acceptable reasons, for example, when consuming food and drink.

From the beginning of January 2022, educational institutions are encouraged to organise teaching in fixed teams, and to reorganise exams so that they can be held online, when this is practicable.

In addition, we strongly recommend that staff at higher education institutions, who are able to do so, work from home rather than physically attending their place of work. 

Staff are also encouraged to maintain social distancing, just as high standards of cleaning, ventilation and good hygiene, etc., are called for.

The requirement concerning a valid corona passport at higher education institutions will extended by four weeks from 19 December. This means that students, staff and visitors, etc., Will continue to be required to be able to present a valid corona passport in order to be allowed to these educational institutions in person. Regulations exempting the following persons from the corona passport requirement still apply:

  • Children under 15 years.
  • Persons who can prove that they are exempt from taking COVID-19 tests by producing documentation issued and signed by a municipal citizens service centre.
  • A person who, in the judgement of the educational institution, are deemed not to be covered by the recommendations of the health authorities concerning the self-isolation of infected people, even though that person has a positive test result from a PCR test that is less than 14 days old.

Educational institutions have already been called upon to cancel events that have a primarily social purpose, and this still applies.

For further information:

Queries from institutions of higher education regarding COVID-19 may be addressed to: info-covid-19@ufm.dk.

Press inquiries may be made using the press line of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science: +45 7231 8181.

Students will receive additional information from their educational institutions, which they should contact if they have any questions.

last modified Dec 22, 2021