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Updated social distancing recommendations in higher education

The updated social distancing recommendations require that from now on you are allowed to maintain a social distance of at least one metre, though maintaining a distance of two metres when possible, or when there is a particular risk of infection.

Apr 22, 2021

The social distancing recommendations for higher education have been updated: the Danish Health Authority has concluded that it is possible to return to the distancing recommendations that were in force at the beginning of the pandemic, namely maintaining a distance of at least one metre to other people, and two metres whenever possible.

These recommendations also apply to higher education, and that is why the distancing recommendations that are part of the sector partnership guidelines have been updated.

The updated recommendations are based on the newest information about COVID-19, a revision of international recommendations, current risk assessments and Danish and foreign experience with measures to prevent the spread of infection...

For further information:

Queries from institutions of higher education regarding COVID-19 may be addressed to: info-covid-19@ufm.dk.

Press inquiries may be made using the press line of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science: +45 7231 8181.

Students will receive additional information from their educational institutions, which they should contact if they have any questions.

last modified Apr 22, 2021