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Renewed agreement gives access to research stays at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

January 09, 2023
The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science has renewed an agreement with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which provides access to research stays at MIT until December 2025.

The research stays are fellowship positions that give access to excellent knowledge and research facilities at MIT, which is one of the world's best universities. The stays can be applied for by PhD students and postdocs employed at Danish universities and research institutions including hospitals. It is now possible to apply for research stays in 2023.

The agreement has been negotiated in place via the Danish science and innovation attaché at Innovation Centre Denmark in Boston, USA. Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) has seven centres strategically located in innovation hotspots around the world. ICDK assists the Danish triple-helix model by promoting access to international knowledge, networks, innovation, capital and markets. ICDK has been established in collaboration between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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