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Søren Pind takes on ministerial mantle at Ministry of Higher Education and Science

November 29, 2016
Ulla Tørnæs completed a handover today of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science to her political party colleague Søren Pind, who described the role as that of a ”minister for the future”.

There was great interest from the assembled journalists, employees and representatives from the world of education as Søren Pind officially took over responsibility for the Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a ceremonial handover.

At the reception, Søren Pind spoke of how he looks forward to working with education and research.

- This is an extremely important area and I am looking forward to getting started. Communicating, understanding and trying to absorb it all. I will do it with diligence and truly wish for a close cooperation with all of you, said Søren Pind.

Gifts are traditionally exchanged between the outgoing and incoming ministers. Søren Pind received a Buzz Lightyear figurine from Toy Story, while Ulla Tørnæs received a hat.


Ulla Tørnæs, who was appointed Minister for Higher Education and Science on 29 February 2016, urged her colleague to focus on educating students for the workplace and not the unemployment line.

- We must create a better balance between education and jobs. We must encourage young people to follow both their hearts, but also their minds: to choose a study programme they love to ensure a good period of study, but to also choose one that will lead to good future employment, said Ulla Tørnæs.


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