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Annual meeting for chairs and heads of National STI Councils in Europe

‘Digitalization’ was the theme of the annual meeting for National Advisor Councils for STI hosted in Copenhagen, 3rd of November 2017. The overall question was how national advisory councils advice their respective governments in order to prepare Europe for the future.

Nine National Councils for Science, Technology and Innovation policy were represented at the meeting in Copenhagen – Austria, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Flanders, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark. The meeting was hosted by chair of the Danish Council, Professor Jens Oddershede

The Councils emphasized a number of challenges that Europe should face as a consequence of the digitalization:

  • Urgency
    The concern that society is rapidly undergoing radical change due to digitalization and technology developments. How do we increase the political sense of urgency?

  • Competences
    The uncertainty of the need for future competences or skills – we know that we need to learn and be competent – but we do not know what we need to learn. The need for adaptability and how to avoid that someone (or not too many) is left behind

  • Data quality and safety
    A need for a standard for data quality, data safety and responsibility (legislation), and maintenance of data 

  • Possibilities for science and innovation
    What are the new possibilities for science and innovation – how to use data and transfer uncertainty into a positive development in science and innovation?

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