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European science event kicks off in Copenhagen

June 19, 2014
The premier science event of the year opens this weekend in Denmark, where more than 4,500 participants will gather for the EuroScience Open Forum 2014 in Copenhagen. The public will also have ample opportunity to delve into the latest research during the free Science in the City festival.

You can expect to see an explosion of presentations and debates from all corners of the scientific world when the doors open this weekend to the largest ever science event in Denmark.   

The 2014 EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) takes place in Carlsberg City in Copenhagen 21–26 June and offers a wealth of events within all branches of science under the common theme of ’Science Building Bridges’. Around 4,500 participants from 75 countries are expected to attend the conference – including six Nobel Laureates – while up to 30,000 people will experience the public activities at the free Science in the City festival. The festival is connected to the conference and will keep Copenhagen busy as long as it lasts.

- Science lead to healthier food, better treatments, greater knowledge about climate change and a stronger foundation for developing our society. If we are to have the best possible enjoyment and benefit from science, then business and the public need to understand the meaning of science so that they can take knowledge and ideas further and create the foundation for development, growth and prosperity in society. I encourage all Danes to attend the free Science in the City festival where they will have the chance to get up close to research and science, says Minister for Higher Education and Science Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

Queen to attend opening

ESOF 2014 officially opens on Sunday with the participation of H.M. Queen Margrethe II and the President of European Commission José Manuel Barroso. However, Saturday will already see plenty of events with workshops, panel debates and awards at the scientific conference, while the public Science in the City festival will offer the chance to make your own cloud, travel inside the human body or meet the world’s most life-like robot.

This will be followed by a full five-day programme with something for every taste. See the programme and read more here:

About ESOF

ESOF is the most important European conference for the presentation and communication of new research and for the discussion about science, technology and innovation. The aim of ESOF is to create an open platform where organisations, the scientific community, politicians and business can meet and debate cross-cutting science-related subjects.

The uniqueness of ESOF is that it is both an international and national event held every two years, which gathers people from across Europe to different European cities. It is first and foremost a European event, but every conference will always be informed by the host country’s values and culture. The first conference took place in Stockholm in 2004, followed by Munich in 2006, Barcelona in 2008, Turin in 2010, Dublin in 2012 and now in Copenhagen in 2014.

About Science in the City

Science in the City connects the conference to the public and is aimed at all those with curiosity, both young and old, who want to learn more about the world we live in and better understand science. Science in the City has 85 organisations from 20 countries with hundreds of exciting events over the six days of the festival.

For further information please contact:

EuroScience Open Forum 2014

Head of Division in the Ministry of Higher Education and Science Kim Brinckmann, tel. +45 7231 8240, e-mail: kibr@fi.dk
Presse Officer Peter Krause, tel. +45 9133 7915, e-mail: pkr@fi.dk

Science in the City

Manager Mette Seneca Jensen, tel. +45 7231 8213, e-mail: msje@fi.dk
Press Officer Brian Martin Rasmussen, tel. +45 2212 0240, e-mail: brianmartinrasmussen@gmail.com

Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Press Officer Carina Elkott, tel. +45 5090 0549, e-mail:  care@ufm.dk

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