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51,200 applied for higher education via quota 2

Almost 2000 more applicants to higher education applied via quota 2 this year than in 2014. The Minister for Higher Education and Science advises all education programmes to consider new forms of application so that grade point average is not the only pathway.

Mar 15, 2015

Even more people than ever are applying for higher education via the quota 2 process. As of the noon deadline on 15 March, 51,222 had applied via the www.optagelse.dk website.

With an increase of 1,922 compared to last year, this represents a 4 per cent increase on quota 2 applications. The final application figures will be released in early April.

Minister for Higher Education and Science Sofie Carsten Nielsen advises all education programmes to consider how they accept the most motivated students.

- We must improve efforts to create the best match and ensure the most motivated and engaged young students are those accepted to education programmes. I do not believe we can simply judge them by grade point average alone. We must think more outside the box and expand alternative enrolment methods such as interviews, motivated applications, tests or focus on ability for particular fields, says Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

She also recommends that all young people consider their choice of education and future thoroughly before they submit their applications – also ahead of the application deadline for quota 1 on 5 July.

- We know that there is greater chance of applications being accepted when you broaden your subject and geographic search. Do not limit your search to the usual framework. Consider what will happen once you are finished with your studies, and if there will be a need for a labour force within your chosen field. You should choose with your heart – but also your head, says Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

An increase in the number of applications via quota 2, will not necessarily mean an increase in the total number of applicants. However, in recent years the quota 2 numbers have been a general indication for changes in the numbers of overall applicants.

As all applicants apply digitally via optagelse.dk, the preliminary figures can already be released now. The final tally will likely increase a little as it will also include applicants who applied without using NemID, applicants already in the queue as the deadline passed, and applicants who have received a dispensation to the digital application.

A breakdown of applications by field and type will be published on ufm.dk at the start of April 2015. The final tally of total applications to higher education will be released after 5 July 2015.

Application and enrolment to higher education

  • Applicants can apply using the self-service system at www.optagelse.dk
  • The Coordinated Admission System's key figures from 2014 enrolment can be used as a guide to estimate the chances for acceptance in 2015.
  • Information on all higher education programmes can be found in the Education Guide www.ug.dk/programmes
  • 15 March 2015: Deadline for applications via quota 2, as well as applicants with international qualifications and applicants to programmes with admittance test/interview.
  • 5 July 2015: Deadline for applications via quota 1. The overall tally of applications to higher education will be made after 5 July.
  • 30 July 2015: All applicants receive response to their application.

Application and Enrolment 2014

  • Total number of applications by 15 March was 49,300
  • Total number of applicants (quota 1 and 2) was 91,231.
  • Final report of enrolment as of October 2014 showed that a total of 65,094 people were enrolled in higher education in 2014.

See facts and figures for application and enrolment to higher education in 2014 on ufm.dk in the section:

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last modified Mar 15, 2015