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Almost 90,000 apply to higher education

July 05, 2018
89,700 young people have applied to higher education by today’s deadline. More young people want to be engineers and 17,752 have applied to STEM education programmes.

The latest account of this year’s higher education applications has been released. And by the 12 noon application deadline on 5 July, 20 per cent of the 89,700 applications to higher education had submitted an application to a STEM programme as their 1st priority.  This includes IT, engineering and natural science programmes.

  • See the memo on the overall applications divided by educational institutions and education programmes groups (pdf) (only in Danish) [inactive link]

For example, Bachelor and Masters of Engineering programmes have received more applications. While the IT University of Copenhagen has received 11 per cent more 1st priority applications this year.

Minister for Higher Education and Science Tommy Ahlers is pleased that so many have applied to higher education.

- 89,700 young people have applied to higher education. That is 89,700 separate dreams. And it is promising, because then they can develop themselves even more and go out into the world with their creativity. I am pleased to see that young people are becoming more and more interested in pursuing engineering and IT and technology. It will be of crucial importance for the development of our society.

Overall, there has been a 2 per cent decrease in applications to higher education compared to last year. The main areas that experienced the greatest drop in numbers since last year include the humanities (9 per cent*) and the media and communications programmes at academies of professional higher education and university colleges (6 per cent).

Applications this year

A total of 89,700 applied to higher education this year.

Applicants will receive a reply on 28 July.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science will publish the key figures from the Coordinated Admission System on 28 July at 00.01, including the number of those admitted, as well as the grade point average for different education programmes at www.ufm.dk

In 2017, 91,539 applied to higher education at the time of the noon deadline on 5 July.  Of these, 65,165 were offered a place on a programme of their choice.

*Note: Due to an education programme incorrectly being listed under Humanities, the actual decrease in the number of applications to Humanities programmes is 9 per cent and not 10 per cent as previously announced.

For further information please contact:

Media requests: +45 7231 8181 Queries about application figures to head of section Tine Bjerregaard, tel: +45 7231 8885, e-mail: tbj@ufm.dk


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