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51,622 quota 2 applicants

The latest figures by the deadline of noon today show that there are 51,622 quota 2 high education applicants. Minister for Higher Education and Science Tommy Ahlers is pleased that so many have applied to higher education.

Mar 15, 2019

51,622 applicants applied to be accepted to higher education programmes, by the quota 2 deadline of noon today. That is 1,269 fewer than last year, corresponding to a drop of 3 per cent.

- It is great to see so many have applied to higher education. I wish them all the best and hope they succeed in getting their dream education. An education is important, and provides a strong core competence. It provides a foundation that you can build on for the rest of your life. I hope the future students are ready to be inspired, but are also ready to take some changes and challenge themselves during their studies, says Minister for Higher Education and Science Tommy Ahlers.

The quota 2 system is for higher education applicants who are assessed on other criteria than their grade point average from upper secondary school education.

- I hope to see more of this in the future – that emphasis is placed on something other than the student's grade point average when applying to higher education. I am in the process of exploring how we can expand it, says Minister for Higher Education and Science Tommy Ahlers.

The final applicant figures for quota 2 will be known next week. Applicants who applied without using the NemID identification system will also be included in these figures.

The overall number of higher education applicants this year will be published in July when the noon deadline for applications via the quota 1 system has passed on 5 July.

For further information please contact:

Press Officer Rasmus Baad, rasb@ufm.dk, tel.+45 7231 8073
Area Manager for the Coordinated Admission System Tine Bjerregaard, tbj@ufm.dk, tel.+45 7231 8885


About application and admission in 2019

15 March 2019: Deadline for applications via quota 2, as well as for applicants with international qualifications or applicants to programmes requiring an admissions test/interview. 5 July 2019: Deadline for applications via quota 1. The overall total higher education applications can then be tallied. 26 July 2018: All applicants receive a response to their application.  

About application and admission in 2018

By the deadline on 15 March 2018, 52,891 had applied to higher education. After the final account of quota 2 applications, the final tally was 54,451. The overall total applicants for both quota 1 and 2 was 89,759 last year. A total of 64,943 people were admitted to a higher education programme.

Final applicant figures to higher education programmes via quota 2 i the period 2008-2018

2008: 22,197
2009: 24,622
2010: 32,831
2011: 37,796
2012: 38,683
2013: 50,084
2014: 52,396
2015: 55,415
2016: 56,794
2017: 56,042
2018: 54,451 

last modified Mar 15, 2019