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More than 56,000 quota 2 applications

March 22, 2020
56,688 have applied to higher education via quota 2 by the close of deadline today March 22. The closure as a result of COVID-19 may create challenges in relation to admissions tests and interviews, but work is ongoing to find stable solutions.

56,688 applicants have applied to higher education this year via quota 2 by the close of deadline at 12 noon on March 22. There are 5,066 more applications than last year, corresponding to a 10 per cent increase.

- I am pleased that more than 56,000 applicants have applied for higher education via quota 2. It is great that so many people in Denmark have a desire to pursue education and want to make use of the opportunities we have in Denmark which are very unique – that you can receive a free education with equal access no matter where you come from. I hope that the many applicants have their wishes fulfilled, creating a strong foundation for their future, says Minister for Higher Education and Science Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen.

The deadline for quota 2 applications was postponed a week because of the extraordinary situation in Denmark as measures are taken to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 situation also means that many of the educational institutions that usually require applicants to attend in person as part of the quota 2 assessment, are now preparing for remote assessments or postponing the planned attendance dates.

- There is a lot of hard work going in to solving these challenges. I am in close dialogue with the educational institutions about how they can manage in the best possible way. Everyone is working to be as flexible as possible, but there is also a need for a certain level of understanding and patience in this situation as we cannot provide answers to every single question yet, says the Minister for Higher Education and Science.

The individual institutions will provide ongoing information about potential changes, both directly to applicants and via their websites.

For now, additional deadlines related to application and enrolment on higher education programmes will remain unchanged. That means that the deadline for applying via quota 1 is 12 noon on 5 July 2020, and all applicants via quota 1 and quota 2 will receive a response to their application on 28 July 2020.


Quota 2 is for applicants who are assessed on another basis than just their grade point average from upper secondary school, when applying to higher education. Additionally, applicants with an international qualifying exam, or applicants to programmes that require an admissions test, interview, etc. must also apply by the March 22 deadline.

About application and admission in 2020

  • 22 March 2020: Deadline for applications via quota 2, as well as for applicants with international qualifications or applicants to programmes requiring an admissions test/interview 
  • 5 July 2020: Deadline for applications via quota 1. The overall total higher education applications can then be tallied. 
  • 28 July 2020: All applicants receive a response to their application.

About application and admission in 2019

By the deadline on 15 March 2019, 51,622 had applied to higher education. After the final account of quota 2 applications, the final tally was 53,403. The overall total applicants for both quota 1 and 2 was 88,754 last year. A total of 65,714 people were admitted to a higher education programme.

Final applicant figures to higher education programmes via quota 2 i the period 2009-2020

2009: 24,622
2010: 32,831
2011: 37,796
2012: 38,683
2013: 50,084
2014: 52,396
2015: 55,415
2016: 56,794
2017: 56,042
2018: 54,451
2019: 53,403
2020: 56,688 (preliminary)

For further information, please contact:

Press Secretary Rasmus Baad, rasb@ufm.dk, tel.+45 7231 8073
Area Manager for the Coordinated Admission System Tine Bjerregaard, tbj@ufm.dk, tel. +45 7231 8885

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