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Denmark Moving to the Forefront in International Environmental and Climate Research

December 17, 2009
While the UN Climate Summit is held in Copenhagen, new figures show that Danish researchers and enterprises rank at the very top in competing for EU research funds in the environmental and climate area. The Danish Science Minister is pleased with the Danish performance in the area of green research.

Denmark receives the second largest EU grant per inhabitant in the EU's research programme on environmental and climate changes. In round figures, this means that since 2007 Denmark has obtained DKK 220 million from the EU for promoting research and technological development in the environmental and climate area. And every third project has a Danish participant on its team.

This appears from a special extract ordered by the Science Ministry on the basis of the latest figures from the European Commission, including data on Danish participation in the EU's research programme.

– As host for the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, it is positive to see that Denmark comes out as a nation with top ranking in terms of green research and that we are able to contribute actively to solving the world's climate challenges. The new figures serve to document our strong position in the environmental field, says Science Minister Helge Sander.

Denmark's grant from the EU Framework Programme for research into environmental and climate changes.

Science Minister Helge Sander can be contacted via Communications Manager Niels Hovmand, phone +45 40 82 89 58 or e-mail nho@vtu.dk

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