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Bologna Process to Benefit Students

March 12, 2010
Representatives of Danish students and the Science Minister have been in Budapest and Vienna to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bologna Process. The underlying idea is that it should be easier to move about among European educations. Much has been achieved, but there are still challenges.

European ministers of education and research have gathered in Budapest and Vienna together with students, university directors and other cooperation partners to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bologna Process and to launch the European Higher Education Area.

Mikkel Zeuthen, President of the National Union of Students in Denmark, says:

– Although the Bologna Process can celebrate its 10th anniversary, there are many things that have never been realised. There are still great problems with quite basic things such as getting credits if you change from one place of education to another – both between Danish educations and if you want to go on exchange.
– Our students represent the heart of the Bologna Process, and we must ensure a continued dialogue with them. We must respond to their criticism. Internationalisation and increased mobility for students and researchers are important, and this is also emphasised in the new Government programme, says Science Minister Charlotte Sahl-Madsen.

It is of course a prior condition that the students can rely on the educations offered. In the light of this, the Science Minister also stressed the importance of keeping a focus on quality assurance in the Bologna Process.

In addition, the Science Minister calls on her 46 colleagues and the many cooperation partners supporting the Bologna Process to make an effort to create the greatest possible interaction between education, research and innovation, and to develop more partnerships between universities and the business sector, thus ensuring that Europe will develop into a strong and globally competitive region.

Science Minister Charlotte Sahl-Madsen can be contacted via the Ministry's press officer, Charlotte Holst, phone +45 22 11 02 00 or chhh@vtu.dk.

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