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Cutting-Edge Research Requires Input from Outside

January 27, 2010
Today, Crown Princess Mary and Science Minister Helge Sander are allocating five EliteForsk awards, each worth DKK 1.2 million, to some of Denmark's most talented researchers. This year, a large proportion of the award winners are from countries other than Denmark.
– We know that only about one per cent of the knowledge used in Denmark is produced within the country's borders. So it goes without saying that we must, and need to, open the door to the outside world. Today, about one in four of all award and scholarship recipients is born outside Denmark. It is a gratifying sign that the research community in this country is becoming increasingly international, says Science Minister Helge Sander.

This year, there are five recipients of the large EliteForsk awards of DKK 1.2 million (links to texts in Danish):

In addition, the Science Minister will allocate 16 EliteForsk travelling scholarships (in Danish), and the Danish Council for Independent Research will allocate 24 Young Researcher's awards (in Danish). Altogether, 45 of the country's most talented researchers are honoured with DKK 12 million. Also to be honoured are the nine new Centre Directors of the Danish National Research Foundation (in Danish).

Professors Francesco Sannino and Adrian Favell are both born outside Denmark – in Italy and the United Kingdom. Among the other award winners are researchers from countries such as China, India, the United States, Canada, and Poland.

The allocation of awards and scholarships will take place at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen.

For further information, please contact the Ministry's press officer, Charlotte Holst, phone +45 22 11 02 00 or chhh@vtu.dk.


The Science Minister's EliteForsk Award

This year, five awards of DKK 1.2 million each will be allocated, with DKK 200,000 as a personal merit award and DKK 1,000,000 to be spent on research activities. Universities, research institutions and private enterprises with research activities have been able to submit proposals for award recipients. All proposals have been evaluated by the Board of the Danish Councils for Independent Research, which has selected and recommended the five award winners to the Science Minister.

The Science Minister's EliteForsk travelling scholarships

The EliteForsk travelling scholarships are for DKK 300,000, intended to contribute to very talented PhD students being ensured a long-term study visit at the very best research environments in the world. Universities and other institutions awarding PhDs have been able to apply for a number of prioritised travelling scholarships. The institutions' applications, with the proposed PhD students, have been evaluated by the Danish Research Coordination Committee, which has selected and recommended the 16 scholarship recipients to the Science Minister.

The Danish Independent Research Council's Young Researcher's Award

Also this year, the Board of the Danish Independent Research Councils has given the Research Councils the opportunity to recommend 24 candidates for the Young Researcher's Award. The awards are given to very talented young researchers who have not attained the age of 35 at the time of application. The award is given on the basis of a grant of at least one million DKK from one of the five scientific research councils, and the selected award winners each get DKK 200,000 as 'special operating costs' in addition to their project grant.

The nine new Centre Directors of the Danish National Research Foundation will also be honoured at the award ceremony.

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