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Easier and cheaper access to research is crucial to growth

May 16, 2011
A new study concludes that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have difficulty accessing research articles, patents, technical reports and market information. Easier and cheaper access will create both innovation and growth in society.
– Denmark must live by knowledge and technology, and new research ideas and discoveries are an important contributor. It is necessary that knowledge originating from universities for example, is also accessible to Danish SMEs so they may assert themselves globally, says Science Minister Charlotte Sahl-Madsen.

More than two thirds of the businesses questioned stated that they had difficulty accessing market studies, reports and theses and 55 percent stated that it was difficult to access to research articles.

Delays and barriers to access are costly. According to the study, it would take an average of 2.2 years longer to develop or introduce new products without the use of academic research. A delay of 2.2 years on new products can result in a business losing an average revenue of DKK 36 million.

– I am very engaged in getting new research from science institutions out into society where it can be useful. We must remove barriers so Danish businesses can have free access to Danish research publications. It should provide easier access to knowledge, but also increase the incentive for businesses to employ more workers with a scientific background so that research results can effectively be translated to innovation and growth. It will benefit Danish businesses, Danish research and Danish society as a whole, says Science Minister Charlotte Sahl-Madsen.

Since the minister took up office, she has focused on increasing access to knowledge by Danish businesses. In November 2010, the minister appointed a working group to investigate how knowledge dissemination can be improved.  The group provided their recommendations to the minister in March 2011. Furthermore, the knowledge pilot scheme was extended earlier this year.

The report is prepared by John Houghton from the centre for Strategic Economic Studies, Victoria University, Alma Swan and Sheridan Brown from Key Perspectives Limited for the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and Denmark’s Electronic Research Library.

Further information:

Science Minister Charlotte Sahl-Madsen can be contacted via press officer Charlotte Holst, tel: +45 2211 0200 or email: chhh@vtu.dk

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