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90,563 people have applied to higher education programmes

By today's deadline, 90,563 people had applied to higher education programmes. The Minister for Higher Education and Science is pleased that young people have the will and desire to equip themselves with new competences.

Jul 05, 2017

By noon on 05 July, 90,563 people had sent in their applications to one or more higher education programmes. It is a 3.7 per cent drop on last year's figures, but does not necessarily mean that fewer applicants will be accepted.

Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind is pleased that those in Denmark can follow their dreams and pursue a free higher education:

- There are fantastic opportunities to pursue education in Denmark, and selecting an education programme is one of the most important choices a young person can make. Young people wanting to get an education and acquire new competences is a positive thing. Education equips a person to be an active participant in society and provides them with new abilities and skills which open doors to endless possibilities. It will be exciting to see which programmes young people have applied to, says Søren Pind.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science will release an account tomorrow of the types of education programmes and institutions that have received applications.

Application and admission to higher education programmes

05 July: Deadline for quota 1 applications.

28 July: All applicants receive a response to their applications. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science publishes key figures from the Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT) on 28 July at 00.01, with the number of applicants, number of admissions, as well as the grade point average for different programmes on www.ufm.dk.

In 2016, 94,061 people applied to a higher education programme before the noon deadline on 05 July. Of these, 66,439 were offered a place on a programme.

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