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Five outstanding researchers honoured with EliteForsk awards

February 23, 2017
H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary and the Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind are presenting EliteForsk awards to five of Denmark's most talented young researchers today. This marks the eleventh year of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's EliteForsk awards.

Nano drones against cancer cells, international courts, ground-breaking obesity research, advanced matematics and fundamental research into why we do what we do in our healthcare system

This year’s recipients of the EliteFosk awards cover a wide field and they all receive DKK 1.2 million today in recognition of their achievements in research. DKK 200,000 of this is a personal award, while DKK 1 million is for their research activities.

The awards will be presented by H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary and the Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind at a ceremony at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum in Copenhagen.

- There is every possible reason to celebrate the smartest in the land. The EliteForsk award allows us to celebrate those who, with talent and hard work, have produced ground-breaking knowledge. It enriches our society and they should be rightly celebrated, says Søren Pin

The recipients of the EliteForsk awards 2017 are:

Professor Thomas Lars Andresen, DTU Nanotech, Technical University of Denmark

Professor Mikael Rask Madsen, ICourts, The Danish National Research Foundation's Centre of Excellence for International Courts, University of Copenhagen

Professor Klaus Høyer, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen

Professor Søren Galatius, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Professor Hanne Christine Bertram, Department of Food Science, Aarhus University

Twenty talented PhD students will also receive EliteForsk travel scholarships worth DKK 200,000 at the ceremony. The scholarships will help the students to supplement their studies abroad at some of the best research environments in the world.

It is important that the most talented researchers also have an international outlook and feed off of knowledge found outside our own borders. I am therefore pleased that young and talented PhD students have the opportunity to seek out knowledge and inspiration among some of the leading researchers at the best educational institutions around the world, says Søren Pind.

At today's ceremony those who received prestigious research grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research last year plus the recipients of the three new Awards from the Innovation Fund Denmark will also be honoured.

For further information please contact:

Press secretary Jakob Sejr Teichert: telefon 7231 9503 eller email jte@ufm.dk


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