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Future research identified in 19 themes

June 30, 2017
What areas of research make the most sense to focus on in the future? The new RESEARCH2025 catalogue attempts to answer this question by identifying research areas.

For further information please contact:The list is not binding, but provides a good foundation for focusing strategic research funds on areas that offer the greatest benefit for Denmark, says the Minister for Higher Education and Science.

Self-navigating ships, artificial intelligence, medicine adapted to the specific patient's genes, or man-made bacteria that can absorb oil pollution. The possibilities are endless but Denmark cannot prioritise everything at once.

Therefore a catalogue was developed, which identifies particularly promising research areas so that public strategic research funding can be targeted at areas where new knowledge can provide great returns.

The RESEARCH2025 catalogue is now ready after 476 contributions from the business community, organisations, municipalities, regions, knowledge institutions and a broad range of other interested stakeholders.

Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind is pleased that Denmark now has a solid, specialist foundation for prioritising research funding.

- Our dream for the future is taking form here. Research is crucial to overcome the societal challenges facing Denmark and the rest of the world. The RESEARCH2025 catalogue gives us an exciting collection of areas to choose from when deciding on future political priorities for strategic research in the coming years. The future is not just something we should predict – we must also take a hand in creating it through new and visionary research, says Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind.

RESEARCH2025 has many outlets. For example, when the Government together with the Parliament, have to prioritise the research areas to receive strategic research funding from the research reserve pool. The catalogue can also be used by universities, foundations and other funding authorities when prioritising and allocation research funding.

RESEARCH2025 contains 19 themes within promising future research, divided into four main areas:

  • New technological opportunities
  • Green growth
  • Better health
  • People and society.


For further information please contact:

Senior adviser Jens Haisler, tel. +45: 7231 8248, email: jha@ufm.dk
Special adviser Siv Mørch Jacobsen, tel.: +45 7231 8475, email: smj@ufm.dk
Press officer Jakob Sejr Teichert, tel. +45: 7231 9503, email: jte@ufm.dk 

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