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Danish University Evaluation 2009

Frontpage to Danish University Evaluation 2
This report presents the results of the 2009-evaluation of the university area, which was conducted from December 2008 to November 2009 by an independent international evaluation panel.
: December 03, 2009
: 87-90797-43-4
: 87-90797-44-2
: The Danish University and Property Agency
: 2009
: 108

The evaluation was initiated on the basis of the parliamentary decision V9 of the 16th November 2006 and implemented in accordance with the Terms of Reference for evaluation in the university area of 2 December 2008.

Following the introduction is the evaluation panel's overall conclusions in chapter 1. Chapter 2 presents the background, purpose and procedure for evaluation.

Chapter 3 describes the panel on global, European, Nordic and Danish context in which the Danish university sector is included, Context description leads to a brief discussion of the circumstances which, together with the formal framework has formed a frame of reference for the panel's evaluation.

Chapters 4 and 5 presents the panel's assessments and recommendations, structured in accordance with the framework described in Chapter 3 It is attached to a series of annexes to the report, including a brief factual description of the Danish university sector in recent years.

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