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Evaluation of Danish Participation in the 6th and 7th Framework programmes. Research: Analysis and Evaluation 2/2010.

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Evaluation of Danish Participation in the 6th and 7th framework programmes
: January 01, 2010
: 978-87-923-7235-2
: Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
: 96

About the publication

The EU’s framework programmes are an increasingly more important source of financing for Danish research.

The EuroCenter and the research council system support Danish participation in framework programmes. The EuroCenter renders consulting services to applicants, and both the EuroCenter and the bodies that finance research grant funds to prepare applications for the framework programme.

Several countries have already carried out more or less extensive evaluations of the effects of their participation in the framework programme. In Denmark, however, there is a lack of knowledge of the significance of Danish participation. The question is, for example, what Danish participation means for the researchers and research environments, including whether results are created that would not have been created with national financing exclusively or in a national context. Another question is the extent to which Danish participation contributes to the internationalisation of Danish research.

The purpose of the evaluation is to create a foundation for policy development on the basis of an assessment of Danish participation in the EU’s framework programmes. In this context the evaluation can assess the initiatives that are to support Danish participation. The focus is the EU’s 6th framework programme, and the primary target group of the evaluation is the political system. If the initiatives that are to support Danish participation are included, the evaluation can also be utilised by the bodies that finance research in terms of selecting and prioritising funding instruments.

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