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Innovation driven by societal challenges

We face a number of complex national and global societal challenges.

The Government’s innovation strategy will kick-start a paradigm shift where the demand for new solutions to societal challenges drives innovation.

These challenges require new solutions, e.g. within sustainable energy production, reduction in environmental and climate impacts, healthy and safe food production, provision of clean water, cheaper and better health and welfare solutions, as well as a more efficient public sector.

There is a global and growing demand for new solutions. As such, societal challenges present potential growth and exports for those countries and companies that can create sustainable, future solutions.

New solutions require knowledge, innovation and cooperation. Innovation policy and the strategic accumulation of knowledge and capacity building must therefore be rooted more firmly in societal challenges and the demand for concrete solutions. We must improve the support of strategic initiatives within all parts of the innovation process. This requires cooperation between the public and private sectors and a simpler, more flexible and cohesive public system.

The Government is implementing the following initiatives (1-7):

  1. Implement a revision of the Danish councils for research and innovation
  2. Restructure the Business Innovation Fund to a market maturation fund
  3. Strengthen Danish participation in European innovation efforts
  4. Establish "INNO+", a solid, professional basis for prioritisation of innovation policy
  5. Establish a model for societal partnerships on innovation
  6. Initiate pilot partnerships on innovation in 2013
    a. Pilot partnership on sustainable and efficient pork production
    b. Pilot partnership on better use of alternative water sources 
    c. Pilot partnership on innovative climate adaptation solutions
    d. Pilot partnership on the development of an intelligent energy system – smart energy
  7. Producing a national strategy for Danish participation in EU programmes

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last modified May 31, 2013