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Independent peer review panel strongly recommends continuation of research programme

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An independent, international peer review panel has carried out an evaluation of the programme “Interdisciplinary Use of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Information and Communication Technology” (NABIIT) funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research.
: March 06, 2013
: 2013
  • It is the conclusion of the panel that the programme is a well-functioning and important programme that has generated research results of very high quality. The grants have already resulted in several scientific breakthroughs. The productivity measured in scientific publications per DKK of funding is high compared to both Danish and international standards.

  • The panel finds that it is too early to draw conclusions on the commercial outcome of the programme, as these results typically do not appear until later on, often after a period of 10 years.

  • The evaluation covers 36 projects which have received a total of DKK 320 million from the Danish Council for Strategic Research. The grants were awarded in the period 2005–2008 and at the time of the evaluation 19 of the 36 projects had been concluded.

  • The evaluation report refers to three background reports, which are available below:

Birthe Schouby
Senior Adviser
Phone: 72318405
E-mail: bsn@fi.dk
Mathias Vinzent-Kerkov
Head of Section  
Phone: 72318385
E-mail: mavk@fi.dk

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