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The Danish Council for Strategic Research - Annual Report 2012/2013

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What does the potato of the future look like? Is it possible to charge electric cars wirelessly? How to improve cancer screening and diagnostics? The annual report contains priorities 2013, an overview of grants awarded 2012 and case examples of strategic research.
: March 21, 2013
: 1903-0061
: 1903-007X
: 2013

In this annual report, we draw on a series of cases
to provide examples of how strategic research
creates value in Danish society through the
special characteristics of the grants awarded
by the Danish Council for Strategic Research.

The primary objective of the Danish Council
for Strategic Research is to advance research
distinguished by its quality, relevance and
potential impact. In other words, the research
must be of excellent standard and address
areas pertinent to challenges in society – and it
must embody the potential to produce solutions
in the short or long term.

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last modified March 21, 2013