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Recognition of Ukrainian qualifications for work in Denmark

An assessment can be helpful when looking for a job. In some professions, however, you need to apply for authorisation.

You can get an assessment from the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science. The assessment is a short statement that says what your Ukrainian qualification corresponds to in Denmark: which educational level and, if possible, which field of education.

When you apply for a job, our assessment can make your qualifications easier to understand for the Danish employer. The employer decides whether you have the right competences for the job.

The assessment normally takes 1-2 months from the time we receive the application and the required documentation.

The assessment is free of charge, but it does not include translation of documents.

Ukrainian degrees

If you have a Ukrainian degree, visit this page to see how it is normally compared to Danish degrees:

Regulated professions

If you want to work in a profession that is regulated in Denmark, you need authorisation by the responsible authority. For example, this applies to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Look here to see if your profession is regulated and how to gain access:

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last modified Mar 18, 2022