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International cooperation in Knowledge Exchange

KE is an international collaboration between six national key organisations in Europe established in 2005. The purpose is to develop infrastructure and services to the benefit of research and Higher Education.

The organisation is focusing on Open Scholarship( Open Science) and Open Access 


In 2019 KE has decided on a new strategy has been approved with the following headlines:

  1. Fair data and software supporting reproducibility
  2. Changing evaluation in the context of Open Scholarship
  3. Scholarly communication and publication models of the future including plan S principles and implementation

Partner organisations

The member organisations in KE are:

Seks lande har partnerorganisationer med i KE samarbejdet

Knowledge Exchange initiatives

KE has established expert groups across the member countries sharing experiences related to KE focus areas and developing best practice and recommendations.

KE also initiates projects with independent experts and the results are shared publicly.

News and publications

Results published by Knowledge Exchange are highly valued and contributes to the debate and knowledge sharing regarding Open Access and Open Science, however since involving independent experts should not be considered as the official opinion of the Danish Agency for Research and Higher Education.

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last modified June 23, 2024