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Analysis of sector mobility - effects, drivers, and good practices in Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland

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This analysis focuses on sector mobility of senior researchers between academia and industry. This “brain circulation” of experienced researchers, conveying new ideas, knowledge and ex-periences from both worlds, can provide a valuable contribution to research, education and innovation in industry.
: May 08, 2017
: 2017
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The analysis has been prepared by IRIS Group and Lauritzen Consulting in the second half of 2016. The study is based on over 60 in-depth interviews with "sector mobile" researchers, university management representatives, cluster organisations and companies in Denmark, Switzerland and Germany. The analysis consists of a main report and a collection of six in-depth case-studies of environments featuring a high degree of sector mobility. The study also highlights individual role models of "mobile" researchers.

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last modified August 15, 2019