Reporting for International Network Programme

Guidelines for submitting Scientific report and final financial statement regarding The International Network Programme

The Scientific report is a questionnaire. By filling in the questionnaire and submitting it no later than 3 months after the end of the grant period, you meet the reporting requirements for the International Network Program.

The questionnaire forms the basis of the annual evaluation of the International Network Program. The questions concern partners, activities, results and grants related to your project. The questionnaire is in English and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

You access the questionnaire from your grant case on e-grant.

All correspondence regarding your grant, including financial statement and request for extension of the grant period, must be submitted through the e-grant portal:

Final Financial Statement

The final financial statement must be signed and stamped by chief financial officer or other authorized employee (apart from the grant holder) at the institution. You will find the template for the final financial statement here (Excel)

For grants earlier than 2015

For INP-grants before 2015, please contact Assistant Principal Clerk Winnie H. Laugø via e-mail

last modified Jul 21, 2020