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Re-opening a submittet application

If you want to re-open a submittet application follow the steps above

You can re-open an application if:

  • the application deadline has not exceeded
  • the deadline for the application has a fixed date. If the application is continuing, you cannot re-open the application. Then you have to make a new application.

How to re-open an application

  1. Log in to www.e-grant.dk

  2. Select Applications.
    Click Submitted.
    Click on the title of your applicaton.

  3. Click Show application in the Case profile.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    Clik on Administration twice.

  5. Select Unlock.
    Click Continue.

  6. The application is now re-opened. Enter the corrections and submit the application again. 


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last modified June 23, 2024