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Where do I find my submitted application on e-grant.dk?

You won’t get any receipt when you have submitted your application. But you can find your application on e-grant.

Find a PDF file with your application and your application facts by following the steps below. 

Find your submitted application.

  1. Log in to e-grant.dk.
  2. Select Applications.
    Select Submitted.
    You find your application in the list.2. Find supmittet app.

  3. Click the title.
    Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    The application is placed in the list of documents.3. Find supmittet app.

  4. On the right you will find the Case profile.
    In the Case profile you will find information about your application. Eg. the submission date and time.4. Find supmittet app.

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last modified February 16, 2023