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Current job opportunities for researchers from Ukraine

Ukrainian researchers can be linked to research activities in Europe in various ways. It is possible to apply to be part of a Horizon Europe project or an ERC project. It is also possible to use the European job portal as a gateway to a job within the research field.
Anne Maibohm
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 61
Email: amma@ufm.dk
Bodil Kirstine Priemé
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 65
Email: bkp@ufm.dk

Opportunities for Ukrainian Researchers in Horizon Europe Projects

See current Horizon projects open to Ukrainian researchers and research related staff on the European Commission's Funding & Tenders Portal:

Opportunities for Ukrainian Researchers in ERC Projects

Researchers such as PhDs and postdocs as well as technical staff such as laboratory managers can apply to be associated with a research project funded by the European Research Council. There are currently more than 400 vacancies, including more than 10 from ERC projects in Denmark.

See current vacancies related to ERC projects on the ERC's website:

European Job Portal for Researchers

Through the European job portal Euraxess, researchers in Ukraine can apply for vacant positions for researchers in countries around Europe. 

Opportunities in the COST Programme

Ukraine is a full member of COST and Ukranian researchers can therefore apply for short-term research stays, virtual networking tools and/or participate in one of the action working groups.

In addition, COST offers paid internship opportunities for young people with a bachelor's degree or relevant experience and knowledge.

Gateway to Information on Support for Ukrainian Researchers

The European Commission has established the ERA4Ukraine portal, which will serve as a direct gateway to information on support for researchers from Ukraine.

last modified Apr 22, 2022