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Grants from The Danish Council for Independent Research: PhD scholarships outside the universities

The result of The Danish Council for Independent Research Call for applications for PhD-scholarships outside the universities is hereby announced. A total of 8 grants have been awarded.

By the deadline of April/May 2013 the Council had received 61 applications. The applications that the Council has decided to support, with either a full or limited grant, are listed below. 

Grant letters including awarded amount, requirements, etc. will be sent to all grant recipients directly. A few applications are on a waiting list. The applicants concerned will receive a notice.

Rejection letters and grent letters will be sent out in 1-2 months. All correspondence will be sent to the e-mail address included on the electronic application form. On the basis of the conditions and evaluation criteria set out in the Call, the letters of rejection will contain a brief explanation pointing out the main academic reasons, why the grant has not been awarded.

Project Title: Da ungdommen blev udenrigspolitisk. Danske ungdomsorganisationer under kold krig og afspænding 1946-79
Grant Recipient: Anders Christian Dalsager
Place of Employment: The State Archives

Project Title: Historicitet og narrativitet i selvets hermeneutik. Om brugen af narrativer i pædagogiske og psykologiske praksisser
Grant Recipient: Allan Køster
Place of Employment: Metropolitan University College

Project Title: Udstødt. Arisering og erstatning i dansk-jødisk erhvervsliv 1938-1960
Grant Recipient: Jacob Halvas Bjerre
Place of Employment: The State Archives

Project Title: Constraints i designprocesser - en undersøgelse af designmetodiske problemer og muligheder
Grant Recipient: Sidse Ansbjerg Bordal
Place of Employment: Kolding School of Design

Project Title: 3D Arkitekture analyse af et Øvre Perm - Nedre Trias turbiditsystem, Oksedal Østgrønland
Grant Recipient: Anders Pilgaard
Place of Employment: The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

Project Title: Piracy policing off the coast of Somalia: An examination of law in practice
Grant Recipient: Jessica Larsen
Place of Employment: Danish Institute for International Studies

Project Title: Why Deobandi activism turns violent
Grant Recipient: Maja Touzari Janesdatter Greenwood
Place of Employment: Danish Institute for International Studies

Project Title: ESAT-6 is the only antigen known to protect against TB reactivation – why and what can we learn?
Grant Recipient: Niels Peter Hell Knudsen
Place of Employment: Statens Serum Institut

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