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Clinician scientist position grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences, February 2015

The Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences awards 3 grants to clinician scientist positions (part-time appointments) in Denmark to the sum of approximately DKK 2 million. The grant recipients are listed below.

The grants are awarded within the framework of the Danish Council for Independent Research’s E2014 and F2015 call. The Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences offers funding for clinician scientist positions in which up to 6 months of the year are dedicated to carrying out a research project, while the remaining time is spent in a clinical position remunerated by the employing institution.

Grant letters will be forwarded to the recipients as soon as possible. Rejection letters will include a brief text, explaining the main reasons for the project not obtaining a grant.

Please be advised that the Council cannot be held responsible for printing errors and reserves the right to make adjustments.

Project Title: Gastrointestinal pacing for treatment of postoperative ileus
Grant Recipient: Jonas Amstrup Funder
Place of Employment: Aarhus University
Awarded Amount: DKK 484,108

Project Title: Antitumor Responses in T-cell Immunotherapy for Ovarian Cancer (ARTIOC)
Grant Recipient: Marco Donia
Place of Employment: Herlev Hospital
Awarded Amount: DKK 780,604

Project Title: The role of adenosine in regulation of cerebral blood flow during hyperammonaemia and liver failure
Grant Recipient: Peter Nissen Bjerring
Place of Employment: Rigshospitalet
Awarded Amount: DKK 724,935

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last modified February 25, 2015