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Postdoc grants from the Danish Council for independent Research | Medical Sciences, February 2015

The Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences awards 17 postdoc grants to research talents in Denmark to the sum of approximately DKK 28 million. The grant recipients are listed below.

The grants are awarded within the framework of the Danish Council for Independent Research’s E2014 and F2015 call, with the aim of providing younger researchers the best possible conditions for producing outstanding research results at a high international level.

Grant letters will be forwarded to the recipients as soon as possible. Rejection letters will include a brief text, explaining the main academic reasons for the project not obtaining a grant.

Please be advised that the Council cannot be held responsible for printing errors and reserves the right to make adjustments.

Project Title: Role of the BRCA1 C-terminal interaction partner BRIP1 in tumour suppression and therapy response
Grant Recipient: Arne Nedergaard Kousholt
Place of Employment: National Cancer Institute (Netherlands)
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,798,000

Project Title: Selectively targeting neural oscillations in Parkinson’s disease: Causal effects of the beta-rhythm on motor control
Grant Recipient: Damian Marc Herz
Place of Employment: Hvidovre Hospital / John Radcliffe Hospital (UK)
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,339,063 / Withdrawn

Project Title: Phenotyping patients with Heart Failure with preserved Ejection Fraction; their clinical outcomes and response to interventions
Grant Recipient: Emil Wolsk
Place of Employment: Rigshospitalet / Harvard Medical School (US)
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,113,257

Project Title: Cellular and Genetic Mechanisms of Dopamine Transporter-associated Parkinsonism
Grant Recipient: Freja Herborg Hansen
Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,748,137

Project Title: Bipolar Disorder Onset Composite Biomarker Identification (The BIO-1 study)
Grant Recipient: Klaus Munkholm
Place of Employment: Rigshospitalet
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,984,997

Project Title: Defining the genetic etiology of Alzheimer’s disease in the Faroe Islands
Grant Recipient: Maria Skaalum Petersen
Place of Employment: The Faroese Hospital System
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,490,191

Project Title: Identification and functional characterization of novel factors controlling chromatin replication
Grant Recipient: Martina Hödl-Baumgartner
Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,497,600

Project Title: Contributions of Skin-resident γδ T Cells to Psoriasis Formation and Accelerated Wound Healing
Grant Recipient: Morten Milek Nielsen
Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen / The Scripps Research Institute (US)
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,751,397

Project Title: Risks and benefits of emotional distress for somatic health
Grant Recipient: Nadya Dich
Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,693,925

Project Title: The metabolic role of CTRPs
Grant Recipient: Pia Steen Petersen
Place of Employment: Johns Hopkins University (US)
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,281,908

Project Title: Molecular mechanisms of estrogen receptor function in endocrine resistant and metastatic breast cancer
Grant Recipient: Rasmus Damtoft Siersbæk
Place of Employment: University of Southern Denmark / University of Cambridge (UK)
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,693,440 / Withdrawn

Project Title: OTULIN: a brake on the immune response?
Grant Recipient: Rune Busk Damgaard
Place of Employment: Cambridge Biomedical Campus (UK)
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,230,707 / Withdrawn

Project Title: A novel triple-action approach for treatment of bone cancer pain
Grant Recipient: Sarah Falk
Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,865,555

Project Title: Evaluation of the effect of vaccines on overall health in Danish children: Changing the paradigm of vaccine policy in high-income countries
Grant Recipient: Signe Sørup
Place of Employment: Statens Serum Institut
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,666,113

Project Title: Novel strategies to elucidate orphan GPCR biology
Grant Recipient: Simon Foster
Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,906,033

Project Title: Analysis of extra systoles for fluid responsiveness prediction
Grant Recipient: Simon Tilma Vistisen
Place of Employment: Aarhus University
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,813,529

Grant Recipient: Sunil Kumar Saini
Place of Employment: Technical University of Denmark
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,043,420 / Withdrawn

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