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Postdoc grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences, September 2015

The Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences awards 8 postdoc grants to research talents in Denmark to the sum of approximately DKK 16 million. The grant recipients are listed below.

The grants are awarded within the framework of the Danish Council for Independent Research’s E2014 and F2015 call, with the aim of providing younger researchers the best possible conditions for producing outstanding research results at a high international level. 

Grant letters will be forwarded to the recipients as soon as possible. Rejection letters will include a brief text, explaining the main academic reasons for the project not obtaining a grant. 

Please be advised that the Council cannot be held responsible for printing errors and reserves the right to make adjustments.

Project Title: How changes in climate and land use affect insect communities: a 45-year view of insect biodiversity through insectivorous bats
Grant Recipient: Kristine Bohmann
Institution: University of East Anglia 
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,407,609

Project Title: Flex those muscles: Motor shaping of vocal learning
Grant Recipient: Iris Adam
Institution: University of Southern Denmark
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,384,640

Project Title: Novel Data Acquisition Strategies for Improved Characterization of Groundwater Resources Using Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Grant Recipient: Denys Grombacher
Institution: University of Aarhus
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,016,755

Project Title: Catalytic Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol
Grant Recipient: Peter Nørby
Institution: University of Oxford
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,953,216

Project Title: Structural Studies of Intact and Active Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases
Grant Recipient: Jens Frederik Teilfeldt Hansen
Institution: McGill University 
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,949,598

Project Title: The Baum-Connes Conjecture for Algebraic Groups
Grant Recipient: Kang Li
Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,859,901

Project Title: Structural studies of the TRPM4 cation channel
Grant Recipient: Henriette Elisabeth Autzen
Institution: University of California San Francisco
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,853,218

Project Title: Connecting 3D hydrodynamical models and observations from space
Grant Recipient: Mia Sloth Lundkvist
Institution: University of Heidelberg 
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,772,770

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